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We’re Going Global, Baby!

Boy, do I have some delicious news.

I’m really excited to be sharing some BIG news with you. At this point, I can’t tell you everything just yet, but I’ll give you the preliminary information and what you can expect in the very near future.

You ready for it?! It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

In addition to my current business – I have started another business with three other amazing people that are truly the coolest and most fascinating business savvy entrepreneurs I know. The four of us — we’ll be rocking the online world very soon. Seriously, watch for us in a BIG, beautiful way.

What’s the business you ask?

We started a LIVE streaming business. It’s called Events without Borders. We were able to test our services at a recent event (we streamed to over eleven countries!) – and now we’ve created a kickin’ business out of it. We’re live streaming from in-person events – to countries all over the world. Now you can be nice to your carbon footprint, be in the comfort of your own home — and attend an event!

See, I told you. It’s awesome.

My team at Solamar is creating our brand and our website right now. So watch for it. Trust me… keep tabs on it. This is a business not to miss. (The website will be found here when we have it live: – stay tuned for that!)

Technology. Yum.

More to come on this, I promise – very soon.

As I mentioned earlier… I am proudly working on this innovative (ground-breaking!) business with three other incredible people. My partners… Andrea J. Lee, Jimbo Marshall and Jeremie Miller. Just so you can get a glimpse of how cool this business is… here are some pictures of the Events Without Borders team.

We’re going global, baby.

If you happen to be interesting in a live streaming option, ping me at I would love to chat with you about it!

Oh, PS… I forgot to mention… I’m organizing a TEDx event in Vancouver, British Columbia on December 7th. Yes, TED rocks… and I’m thrilled to be organizing the first ever TEDxYVR event in that area with Andrea J. Lee. Watch for more info on this. I’ll send you to the website soon to check out the speakers, the sponsors… and just some really cool geeky stuff. AND Events Without Borders will be there, too! So if you can’t attend live – you can attend via video! More to come…

Okay, okay… I’m rambling. It’s 2:30am… and I’m damn excited. Talk to you soon! Ciao for now! -C


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How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

[Totally digging this post by! I hope you take the time to read it. -Chels]

Think Like an Entrepreneur
Here are five ways to revive and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit.
By Joan Marques

We’re all entrepreneurs at heart. It’s just that many of us have forgotten how to think that way. The main reason is that the current structure of our civilization doesn’t really encourage the entrepreneurial mind-set. And that is easily explained: If we all decided to be entrepreneurs, who would work for large organizations? Who would serve us in stores? Who would fulfill the administrative chores for established business and nonprofit entities?

So that’s why entrepreneurship is not the most endorsed career path. Besides, being an entrepreneur is riskier than just accepting a job somewhere, because you never know whether your venture is going to take off and how long it will take. Those of us who have embarked on entrepreneurial journeys know how much patience, perseverance and inner strength it requires to stick with your initiative, even when your loved ones tell you to give up and find a “normal” job.

Yet it’s now more important than ever to think like an entrepreneur, regardless of the setting in which we are employed. I teach MBA courses at a university in Los Angeles, and on the first day of every workshop I present my students the concept of “Me, Inc.” I picked this up many years ago from Tom Peters’ book The Brand You 50: Or: Fifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an ‘Employee’ into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion!

I think it’s a powerful concept. If you see yourself as a supplier of services for your employer, you mentally and emotionally emerge from victimized employee to full-fledged, equal partner. Nothing changes physically, but psychologically the world has made a 180-degree spin. And no, your employer will probably not encourage you to think that way, because it’s not very advantageous to her if you start realizing that you have the same choice as she has to discontinue the relationship and pursue a more rewarding partnership. But no one has to know about this paradigm shift. It doesn’t matter how others look at you. What matters is how you look at yourself.

I perceive the institution where I facilitate courses as a preferred partner. I deliver my best product, for which I receive a pre-arranged compensation. Could it get more entrepreneurial than that? Thanks to this mind-set, I find myself engaging with much pleasure in a number of additional projects: I write books and articles, edit and publish scholarly and business journals, organize workshops for businesspeople, present a radio show in Europe, write a newspaper column in South America, and so on. The only limits for me are the length of a day and my restricted human energy.

Life can be beautiful or dull, depending on how you look at it. Two people can look at exactly the same situation and have entirely opposite opinions about it. That’s because of our personal baggage and the mind-set we choose to nurture. Entrepreneurs nurture a mind-set that entails an immense internal locus of control: They first seek fault within themselves when things go wrong. Yet when things go right, they usually realize that there were many links involved in the chain of performance, and they give credit to those as well.

This is where leadership steps into the picture. Entrepreneurs are leaders–not necessarily of other people, but definitely of their own lives. I disagree with all those sources that claim leadership is only possible when there are followers involved. Leadership starts with the relationship you have with yourself. A real leader carries herself in a way that inspires others to be the best they can be. This definition eliminates those who sit at the helm of large corporations but mismanage them. So you can be a president or CEO of a company and not be a leader. Similarly, you can be a janitor, office assistant or entrepreneur and be a great leader. When people approach you for advice and admire you for your attitude in life, you are a leader.

I think there’s an important link between being a leader and seeing yourself as an entrepreneur. And if you are attracted to this idea, here are five ways to revive and nurture your entrepreneurial spirit:

  1. Shift your perspective from victimized to victorious. You can do this by continuously looking for the positive side of anything you experience. Difficult people on your path? They are there to teach you an important lesson. Lost a contract? There’s another big project coming your way. Times slow? Your creativity is being tested. And so on.
  2. Don’t just accept everything as a given. The problem with most people is that they don’t consider alternatives. They are so well-trained to accept rules, regulations and especially limitations that they allow their sleepwalking state to turn into a nightmare. Entrepreneurs are people who wanted to make a wrong right, and decided to do it.
  3. Talk to different people, read different books and visit different places. Nothing triggers the creative mind as much as exposure to something different. Dullness is a product of repetition. If you always do the same thing in the same place with the same people, you will not easily think of anything new.
  4. Accept responsibility. Everything that happens to you is an ultimate result of the choices you make. So in the end, you are responsible. That being said, you can change it. How? By making different choices from now on. You could upgrade your education, discontinue relationships or change your attitude, for instance.
  5. Dare to dream and follow up on it. We easily discard our dreams because many people around us tell us they won’t fly. Ignore them. Just dream realistically, and then think of all those people who made things happen when others were satisfied with the status quo.

However, a point of caution here: While dreaming and working at realizing that dream, you should also focus on alternatives. For example, ask yourself what else is possible within the scope of my dream? What other directions can I go with my skills and ideas if my first option doesn’t work out? What other people or places could I approach if my currently targeted associates, suppliers or market don’t buy into my dream?

Keep in mind that when you obsess over something in one particular, inflexible setting, it usually doesn’t materialize. It is therefore better to create two or three options for yourself. Then life will present its surprise.

No day is better to start adopting an entrepreneurial mind-set than today. Why wait?

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Hi there! Solamar team here. Chelsea was recently spotlighted on so we wanted to share it with you here on her blog. We’re very proud! Enjoy this great read.

As a young girl I knew I was destined for something “BIG”; the problem was I didn’t know what that something would be. I was born and raised in a small town in North Dakota and to this day my ND roots are the foundation for my belief system, not only my personal life beliefs but my business beliefs as well. Like many of you I struggled to find a path and a direction for myself. I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world and not just any type of difference, but something unique, something that represented me and something BIG!

It took me a while to find that balance we all crave between personal life and work; capturing the clarity and purpose I had been searching for. Once I decided to take a long hard look at what might be holding me back, I discovered that many of the obstacles were simply ones I had erected myself. With the ability to find ways to scale those obstacles and break down barriers; I found myself flourishing both on a personal level and on a business level. I found myself taking risks I thought I would never be brave enough to take, forcing myself to leave my comfort zone, and eventually found myself growing into an independent woman AND a successful business woman. Want to know the best part? I now have built an amazing business that I am proud of because it has allowed me to set my own rules and I can work from anywhere in the world.

A key foundation in my life as well as in my business is the belief in the need to nurture and grow relationships and remain connected. Given the advancement of technology, high touch relationships grow increasingly harder to incorporate, but even more essential. It is the solid base of these relationships that has allowed me to carve my path out of the static daily life and help others do the same. Life is incredibly predictable; it will change on whim, it will surprise you daily and it will force you to adapt and fly. It is this idea of stretching ourselves and of being uncomfortable that uncovers our greatest growth.

So put yourself out there and embrace the twists and turns that you may have to encounter on your path. You might be surprised at where they lead!

If you would like to connect with Chelsea Moser please visit her on the web at We think Chelsea would look fantastic wearing our Bangle Bid to Win Carmel Necklace. 😉 This post is part of our guest blogger series meant to inspire and motivate women. They do not necessarily reflect the political, religious or other view points of , Nannette Bosh, Nannette Bosh Inc., AskNannette Bosh, or .

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Why You Need Everything Google In Your Business

This post is a long time coming – and I’m really excited to profess my love for Google once again! Ready?

I’m always talking about Google and why it’s so amazing… and why Google Business has made my business so much better by increasing productivity – and simply keeping me (and my team!) organized. Awhile back I wrote a blog post for my partners and members at Collective-Eon basic Google Mail and how their filtering rocks. And now I’m going to expand and explain that there is life after the free Google Mail (aka Gmail). And it gets much, much better than the basic Gmail. Brace yourself!

First, let’s start with your business domain. I’ll use for an example.

A good business practice is to use an email platform that is branded to your business. It’s just good business practice in general. But, like most of us, we’re hooked on how awesome Google Mail/Gmail is. We love how it works, the bells and whistles… the whole kit and kaboodle. But, of course, you don’t want your business email accounts to end in It just looks a little shady. Especially in this crazy spam world. Who knows if you’re real – or if you’re really running a REAL business.

I know there are ways around this by still being able to use your free Gmail account. But they are quick fixes. You want the real deal, trust me.  I’m sure you get my drift.

Well, if you haven’t heard already, Google has a solution. Google Business Apps allows you to take your domain ( and utilize the Google Platform for your email. Same look and feel as Gmail, you can use your own domain – and SO much more.

I run multiple business platforms – and all of my domains are connected with Google Business. So when you see or or – yep, all Google Mail. And it’s not because I set them up in the basic Gmail – it’s because I’m using Google Business Apps. The Cadillac of Gmail.

Today, more than two million businesses run Google Apps.


Well, their features. Moreover, the power behind their applications – and how they allow you to run a business by being organized and efficient through your inbox. Just to name a few gerneral things that make Google worth the switch:

1) It can work with any size business
2) The power behind the applications (I’ll get to this in a second)
3) Cost savings – look ma! no hardware or software! All web-based. Ah, a dream.
4) Storage, storage, storage (more than 50X the industry average)
5) Security and Trust
6) And best of all – 24/7 customer support
7) The whole platform is on a completely different server than regular basic Gmail. Nope, you won’t have any problems with Gmail being down any more!

Okay, I could go on and on and on…

Now, to tell you what makes my head really spin – and makes me a HUGE fan of Google Business Apps…

The power of the intuitive applications like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. How they all work together (especially in a virtual team environment) while creating a seamless and painless experience for all. It not only helps reduce costs, but it helps my team and I to collaborate more effectively.

If you’ve ever used the regular free Gmail, Google Business Apps is like Gmail on crack. 😉 Do you get my point?

Envision this with me for a second. (This is how my business is setup when it comes to using Google.)

I login to my inbox which is web-based (yeah, baby – I can access it anywhere!) and right away I see my regular inbox, and then a chat window on the right which includes my whole team and Solamar clients. On the left is my calendar and what’s coming up for the day, along with another gadget that shows all our past google docs that were most recently updated by my team. At the very bottom, I’m reminded of security – as it shows me if I’m signed in anywhere else and that IP address, along with storage and a few other tid-bits of info. Here’s a quick and dirty screen shot. I know you can’t see much, but take my word for it. It rocks!

And here’s my calendar (which I’m in love with, but I now have my assistant be in love with it!). Oh, and excuse the insane-ness:

And lastly, how amazing it is to share Google Docs?! No more attaching and reattaching, and revising and the reattaching. You share a Google Doc, that person edits it and then you can edit, all without sending an email (and being able to use chat while editing a doc or while other people are looking at it, too! Amazing!):

Now, are you ready for my favorite?! Google Labs – they rock my world! I have so many favorites that I can’t even begin to list them out and explain why I love them and how they help me in business. You need to check them out for yourself! A-mazing!

Jeeze, what will Google think of next. Thrilled.

Okay, I’m off my Google soap box now. But I’ll leave you with this. If your business isn’t using Google Apps, you need to make the switch. I’ve saved money from an internal perspective, created a better work flow, and a centralized way of working with a virtual team. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t use it. Truly. Make the switch. You’ll be much happier you did. Promise.

You may be thinking “oh my, it’s a lot of work to switch over”. That’s a lie. Just sayin’. And there’s a free trial – only $50 per user every year thereafter. Brilliant, right?

Go for it. Report back to me. I’d love to hear how it goes!  And if you still have reservations, comment here and I’ll help you out!


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Some Call Me Crazy

Well, maybe not everyone. But, some do.

I’m the one within my circle of family and friends that has totally went in the opposite direction of most. I guess you could say the “less” traditional route. I didn’t necessary mean to, it just happened that way. I took the road less traveled as one might say.

And I’m still working my way through this thing they call life – in search of meaning and purpose perhaps.  I’m continuing to travel with hopes to create chapters in my life that are full of purpose and meaning. And I’m looking forward to a book with amazing memories. I’m creating a story that outlives my life.

When life twisted and turned and worked out in a way I didn’t plan on, I realized there’s much living that needs to be done in my life. I’m not going to wait for it, for anything. I’m going to do and be as much as I can – and show up in the world in a BIG way.

And I’m taking you along this journey.

I’m planning a trip to Spain this fall and I’m totally thrilled about it. It’s the excitement of the unknown. A place I’ve never been. Things I’ve never done. Feelings I’ve never felt. Yep, I’m thrilled to be thinking about this trip – and to be thinking about what’s ahead.

I feel myself growing with every hand I shake, every person I watch – and every unique place I visit! And that makes me really happy. Authenticity. Yum.

I will probably stop traveling at some point.  Maybe it will take a year… maybe a lifetime. But, here, on this blog, I’m going to keep you updated on where I am and what I’m discovering.

Wish me luck on my upcoming adventures. I’ll keep you posted!

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I’m Feeling Old!

Yikes! That’s right. Old.

This past week I visited Monterey, California for the MotoGP race. And let me tell you, it rocked. A very cool vibe and an all around great time. There are actually only two MotoGP races in the states. One in Monterey and one in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is in August and I’m super excited to be there, too.

While visiting Monterey – we went to Big Sur, the 17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach – of course, the golf course knocked my socks off.

It was a great time, but let me explain about the feeling old thing.

I was talked into hiking up a huge hill at the race so we could see the whole track (yes, thanks Mark). I made it to the top, nonetheless. It was pretty amazing – the corkscrew turn and all. However, going back down was a different story.

Mind you, I have flip flops on. I’m just a flip kind of girl. Probably not the best shoes to wear. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

I had a little tumble down the hill. No traction on my shoes. Yep, sporting some nice road rash if I do say so myself. Yep, it hurts. And yep – I may have just pulled every muscle in my body.

I got over the tumble and was feeling great, actually. Minus all the marks on my body. The day ended on a good note. We had a blast.

But, the next day… I felt old. Really old… like can’t get down the stairs old.  But the funny thing with sore muscles (for me anyway)… is that they hurts so bad – it feels good! Gotta love it.

No worries, this picture isn’t of the “hill” I climbed. It’s of Big Sur. And it’s gorgeous! Thought you’d enjoy it.

I’ll keep you posted on my next adventure – minus the tumble, hopefully.

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North to Alaska

A few months ago I started thinking about birthday ideas for my significant other. He travels a lot – and has been almost everywhere… so I wanted to figure out a place that he’s never been (already brought him to North Dakota for the first time so that wasn’t an option!).

I asked his kids if they knew where he hasn’t been – but they weren’t sure. So we devised a plan and decided to ask him (just generally speaking) where he has and hasn’t been in the US.

Well, it was slim pickings! But I was able to decide on the perfect place. And of course, it was supposed to be a secret… but after about two weeks… I said “do you want to know where we’re going for your birthday” and he said “no” and I said, “okay, we’re going to Alaska”.

Just my nature. I can’t help it. 😉

Alaska. Yep. I took him to Alaska.

Now, I have been to Alaska. Actually, it was one of my most memorable trips as a child. And it was the last trip I took with my brother, Brady. We had a blast. We actually DROVE with a camper in tow… from North Dakota, through Canada and on to Alaska… over 3,000 miles. Yep, our family did that. So many great memories and – FUNNY – stories. I’ll save this story for next time. It’s so good. You’ll love it.

Okay back to the trip… so I took my SO to Alaska about two weeks ago. We had a blast. I planned it all, but we didn’t really go with an itinerary. I like to just wing things. No plans! And I thought we’d just figure it out when we got there.

And we did.

We were both upgraded to First Class going to Alaska and coming home. And thank God for that. It’s a super long trip. About 8hrs of flying total (one way – two layovers!).

Anchorage was great. But Steward was amazing. We drove about 2.5 hours south of Anchorage to a little town called Stewart (which is also a port). We saw a cruise line docking there, too. We had a great dinner (Alaskan Crab, baby!) and then we walked around and did a little window shopping.

Yeah, it was cold. My SO was definitely freezing… but we were loving it nonetheless.

The next day we took a cruise to see Portage Glacier, which was unreal! We were up close and personal with a glacier… who does that?! And then we did some sight seeing… saw a few bears, moose… and we even saw Rudolph. Okay, okay… it was just a reindeer.

It was also really interesting to sleep in Alaska during the month of June. It’s light 24 hours a day. So the shades were pulled at night, but the sunlight still seeped in. Not to mention, they are on AST time, which threw both of us a bit.

But, we had a blast, no doubt. Now that we’re back home… I’m thinking of where to take him next year. Yum. Life is good.

Just a little tid-bit of my life. I hope you enjoyed it.  If you ever consider a trip to Alaska – I’d love to give you the scoop on things to see – and places to go! So let me know!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, love.

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