About Me

As the Founder and CEO of  Solamar Marketing Agency and also Co-Founder of Your Events without Borders, Chelsea Moser knows what it takes to build and maintain two successful and profitable businesses – all while passionately cultivating long-lasting relationships in business and in life.

Chelsea started Solamar Marketing Agency in 2006 and over the years she’s been able to turn this small marketing agency into a passionate team of marketing consultants, event professionals, account managers and design specialists that service and support Solamar clients all over the world. Solamar currently has a client list the size of the Pacific Ocean, which keeps the team constantly creating and innovating each and every day.

Chelsea also Co-Founded Events without Borders in 2010 – a live streaming company that enables events to be seen and heard all over the world using advanced streaming technology. Chelsea looks at it as “green technology” to allow people to be easier on their carbon foot print, yet not miss out on an opportunity to attend a meeting or event. This technology can stream to countries all over the word. Whenever. Wherever. EWB is there.

Not only is Chelsea a passionate workaholic but also she is equally passionate about the success of organizations that make a difference while creating a positive impact each and every day.  Chelsea is the Social Media Director at  Best Day Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping special needs children enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities.

So when she’s not lovingly hard at work – or jet setting from one coast to the other – she toggles between her home in Alabama and a beach house in Florida.  She adores spending time with her family and dedicates time to flying back home to North Dakota where she was born and raised.

To contact Chelsea – simply email her at Chelsea@ChelseaMoser.com. To connect with her online, check out her splash page for ways to connect with her through social media.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. backyardblessings

    I, too, am a follower of Alexis Neely which is how I came across your post. My name is Heidi Alexander and I just started blogging on wordpress,as well, just this month (Blogher,too). She’s actually handled my estate planning and just awesome! Her personal journey and business planning have also inspired me to start a business with my friend/partner -Backyard Boutique Party Network (bbpartynetwork.com) which to date we are creating a brand and a networking web site. Kudos Chelsea

  2. Hey! I just noticed FreshBooks is in your blogroll. That is super cool and we love you for it : ) Almost as much as I love for you being so into the Rachel Zoe Project. So good, right?!

    Do you live anywhere near Fargo? I’ve been reading a lot of Chuck Klosterman books lately and he talks a lot about that area of the world because it’s where he grew up. I feel like I’ve been there! Heh.

    Rayanne Langdon — Marketing Coordinator, FreshBooks.com

  3. Great blog by an interesting cheerful person.

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