What’s in a Name?

Ah, yes. I think I may be having a small identity crisis.

This might come as a surprise to you (if you don’t know me personally)… but my real name is Chelsea Perkins. Yep, that’s my maiden name. Even though I’m divorced now, most people know me by the name of Chelsea Moser.

While going through my divorce – I was deep into the important stages of building a business. People knew me by Chelsea Moser – and now everything is under Chelsea Moser… no one knows me as anything else – aside from people in my past. And in order to keep my brand consistent and build my business without a change in branding… I didn’t want to rock the boat and confuse people by changing my name back after the divorce. So I put my business thinking cap on and made the choice to not make any changes.

I struggle with this from time to time because I can’t decide if I should stick with my married name (it’s been almost 5 years using Chelsea Moser) …or go back to my maiden name. I now have an established business and I’m not so worried about not being recognized by my name now. The name is in my business… that’s my brand. Perhaps – online – I just leave it the way it is and on a personal level I change it back to Perkins.

That’s what I struggle with.

If the plan was to get married again, there’s no use in changing my name now. But if marriage isn’t in the cards for me… am I supposed to be comfortable with a life known as “Chelsea Moser”.

Hm… yes, it’s complicated.

Maybe it’s a sense of belonging that I’m struggling with. Sharing someone’s name is so important to me (such a strong traditional thing that I adore) – and me not sharing my name with anyone other than an ex-husband… we’ll it just doesn’t make me thrilled. I’ve moved on and so should my name, right?

So the time is now. Should I change my name back to my maiden name. Or just leave it… and trust that it really doesn’t matter what my last name is?

Chelsea Perkins. Chelsea Moser. Which is it?


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One response to “What’s in a Name?

  1. Russ Werth

    Use Chelsea (Perkins) Moser and when the time comes to make a change, everyone will recognize it (at least a part of it) You will always be Chelsea Perkins to me so if a part of it is there, it works. Other people will recognize “THEIR” part too! Just a thought Russ Werth
    PS That way you could be C PM…Chelsea Perkins Moser….(SEE me in the PM) That way people will leave you alone in the AM and you can sleep in!! Have a great Thursday Russ

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