Well, Hello October!

I always think back on my life and say to myself “what was I doing a year ago“… “two years ago“… etc.. It’s interesting to see how one evolves over time. It also reminds me of how scary it is to know how fast things can truly go.  I like to think back on my life so that I can become very aware of how much I’ve grown and accomplished over time… and to this day, it’s still amazing to look back on the growth of a human being in general.

Today – I’m in a really good place in my life. I’m more clear than I’ve ever been before. I’m in love… and loving like I’ve never loved someone before. I’ve built a booming business that has exceeded my wildest expectations.  I travel the world, my family is everything and I’m fully aware of how blessed I am! Mark and I toggle between two residences, Florida and Birmingham. I adore his children and love them like they are my own.  And lastly, I live every chance I get… more than ever before.  This last year has been one for the record books. A lot of  thanks goes to Mark for that. I love you.

Last year – I was living alone in Florida and enjoying the beach. Slowly finding myself again.  I was planning one of my very first trips with my new boyfriend, Mark. I had been dating him for about a month and he planned this “secret” trip to Las Vegas. I was told what to pack, but wasn’t told any details. It was a total surprise. We had a blast. Memories with him that I will never forget.

Two years ago – I was in a marriage that was struggling to survive. I was giving all of myself to this relationship… hoping that something would change and it would get better. Instead I was just slapping a band-aid on it… and pretending to be a happy betty home-maker. I was slowly dieing inside and I knew I had to make a difficult decision soon. And I did. I chose to leave.  Within this transition time, I also packed up my things and moved myself from North Dakota to Florida. Holy crap I can’t believe I did that… that was HUGE.

The rest after that is a blur. It’s a blur for many reasons. But for now, I’ll stop here. To me, it’s just interesting to see how a life evolves. And to look back on the different stages in my life and all that I’ve accomplished.

What were you doing last year at this time? Two years ago? I’d love to hear how you’ve evolved. Comment here.


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