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Some Call Me Crazy

Well, maybe not everyone. But, some do.

I’m the one within my circle of family and friends that has totally went in the opposite direction of most. I guess you could say the “less” traditional route. I didn’t necessary mean to, it just happened that way. I took the road less traveled as one might say.

And I’m still working my way through this thing they call life – in search of meaning and purpose perhaps.  I’m continuing to travel with hopes to create chapters in my life that are full of purpose and meaning. And I’m looking forward to a book with amazing memories. I’m creating a story that outlives my life.

When life twisted and turned and worked out in a way I didn’t plan on, I realized there’s much living that needs to be done in my life. I’m not going to wait for it, for anything. I’m going to do and be as much as I can – and show up in the world in a BIG way.

And I’m taking you along this journey.

I’m planning a trip to Spain this fall and I’m totally thrilled about it. It’s the excitement of the unknown. A place I’ve never been. Things I’ve never done. Feelings I’ve never felt. Yep, I’m thrilled to be thinking about this trip – and to be thinking about what’s ahead.

I feel myself growing with every hand I shake, every person I watch – and every unique place I visit! And that makes me really happy. Authenticity. Yum.

I will probably stop traveling at some point.  Maybe it will take a year… maybe a lifetime. But, here, on this blog, I’m going to keep you updated on where I am and what I’m discovering.

Wish me luck on my upcoming adventures. I’ll keep you posted!


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