Ah, The Opportunities! LA Rocks.

Thank you, Los Angeles. Thank you for clarity. Clarity on life and business. I’m in love.

I travel to California quite often – and each time I come here, I always ends up having an “ah ha” moment or two. Not too mention… I’m exceptionally happy because the weather rocks here! (Downside = Traffic!)

Los Angeles is a place of authenticity. Unique individuals all around me. No one alike, everyone extremely different and wild in their own way. And people – in general – fascinate me. But LA – even more so.

People trying to make it in business and in life. Some trying to “be somebody”. Others focused on healthy living. And, don’t forget the hippies and surfers – and their carefree way – which is an awfully fascinating life, in my opinion.

Everyone here is showing up in the world – in their own way, their own speed. And it gives me the strength and direction to grow a little each time I visit. I learn so much by everyone’s authenticity – while observing, it makes me more authentic in every way.

I leave here knowing that I’m one step closer to showing up in the world – in a different, authentic, and beautiful way. I feel the strength in holding my own, being me – and loving that.

I give all the credit to traveling in general. Traveling has allowed me to step out of the traditional closure – and step into so many things all over the world – which, in turn, is slowly creating who I am today.

I’m so thankful that I can run a business from anywhere in the world. Again, another thing that made all of this possible. Anywhere I land (even 35,000 ft in the air where internet is offered) I am building and expanding my business. Pretty awesome, eh?

Speaking of business… if you’re trying to grow a business. Move to LA. Around each corner you’ll find someone interested in what you have to offer. I love the way that works – naturally.

Thank you, LA… thank you for allowing me to see first hand all of the amazing people on this earth. Everything is different here. It’s like a little world all its own. A world that allows me to be different, too.


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