It’s All Coming Together

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might remember me being a little “all over the place”. Having my hands in almost everything, working with everyone and totally and completely over committed. Maybe you even remember my splash page having a gazillion buttons (no joke!) at one point. Yikes, how embarrassing. You probably thought, “wow, this girl is insane”.

I learned there are only 24 hours in a day. 8 of which are meant for sleeping!

Ah, I get it.

You know, I think I was so involved in everything because I wanted to see what ‘felt right’. I’m the type of person that wants to try everything. And then stick to the things I love, the things that I’m good at, and the things that are challenging… to keep me on my toes.

Even though that may not be the way to go about doing things, it has totally paid off.

It’s finally all coming together.

I’m in the process of a complete redesign of my marketing firm and my blog. Both should be done in the very near future… so stay tuned for that. (I’ll be telling you more about my niche and direction on both sites… OMG! so good!)

And by redesign – I mean more than the look and feel. I’ve FINALLY niched my market. I know who I want to work with and I’m now in the situation where I can decide. I’ve stopped taking private clients, I’ve trained my team to be a team of amazing consultants supporting our clients, and I even have a few mentors that are helping me along the way.


My marketing firm now has business coming out of it’s ears. And I’ve positioned myself to allow that growth to happen without me being so involved in the day to day stuff.

Cool, right?

So, my intention in this post is to explain that it’s not a bad thing to spread yourself thin… and to try and do as much as you can. You’ll come out learning a ton about all different things (and people!). AND you’ll know exactly what you want to do, who you want to work with and how you want to make it happen. It was extremely educating for me.

I worked my ass off and the result — I’m headed in the right direction (for now anyway!).

I know there’s a lot more ahead. But I’m freakin’ excited. I finally get it.

High five!


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