Another Dose of Peace

I’m sitting on a plane – somewhere between North Dakota and my next stop. Leaving home. A place that is full of family, love, and a house that built me.

I always seem to learn a lesson while visiting home. And this empty place inside of me continues to heal each time I visit.

I’m not one to live too much in the past, but going home is a bittersweet thing for me. All those great times, good times and just plain hard times.

I’ve moved on in a big way — and I’ve done the very best I can. But sometimes I get lost in this big world I’m trying to conquer… and sometimes, for a minute, it’s easy to forget who I am.

When I’m back home – there are reminders all over the place. Like big red stop signs with little messages… telling me to be the woman that was built in a little town that loves me.

But still, an emptiness remains within me and it wakes up when I’m back home for a visit. And when I touch the place that built me, I am able to work through unresolved things that happened way back when.

I feel a sense of peace and I continue to heal.

I slowly get those pieces back that I left so long ago. The ones that I didn’t think I needed. And in the midst of that… always feeling the reassurance that I’m doing the right thing and following the right path.

Every visit is always another memory that comes bubbling up after all these years. Back in the day when everything seemed so easy.

A memory like my mom and dad dancing on our back porch late at night – and me watching from my window… admiring their love for each other. And that memory reminding me how important love is in my life.

Love in all shapes and forms. Pure, beautiful, simple… love.

Or memories of the world when it was a little less complicated than it is right now. Where family was within an arms reach, or a walk around the block. And that memory reminds me how important family is – in all ways. Family keeps you healthy.

And then I pray, in that moment, that I never forget who I am.

North Dakota built me. And I’m forever grateful. And it’s my duty to make you all proud. And it’s my promise to never forget – and to always come back for another dose of peace.

My life is in such a good place right now. I’m out in this big world and sharing as much love as I can. And it’s all due to the foundation that was built so long ago. Thankful.


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One response to “Another Dose of Peace

  1. Kathy Steiner

    Chelsea, I love reading your North Dakotan,

    I am from Scranton, knew of you when you were a little girl, you are doing beautiful things with your life. I am sure your family is so proud. Keep it up, look forward to getting the North Dakotan in my e-mail. Thanks

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