North to Alaska

A few months ago I started thinking about birthday ideas for my significant other. He travels a lot – and has been almost everywhere… so I wanted to figure out a place that he’s never been (already brought him to North Dakota for the first time so that wasn’t an option!).

I asked his kids if they knew where he hasn’t been – but they weren’t sure. So we devised a plan and decided to ask him (just generally speaking) where he has and hasn’t been in the US.

Well, it was slim pickings! But I was able to decide on the perfect place. And of course, it was supposed to be a secret… but after about two weeks… I said “do you want to know where we’re going for your birthday” and he said “no” and I said, “okay, we’re going to Alaska”.

Just my nature. I can’t help it. 😉

Alaska. Yep. I took him to Alaska.

Now, I have been to Alaska. Actually, it was one of my most memorable trips as a child. And it was the last trip I took with my brother, Brady. We had a blast. We actually DROVE with a camper in tow… from North Dakota, through Canada and on to Alaska… over 3,000 miles. Yep, our family did that. So many great memories and – FUNNY – stories. I’ll save this story for next time. It’s so good. You’ll love it.

Okay back to the trip… so I took my SO to Alaska about two weeks ago. We had a blast. I planned it all, but we didn’t really go with an itinerary. I like to just wing things. No plans! And I thought we’d just figure it out when we got there.

And we did.

We were both upgraded to First Class going to Alaska and coming home. And thank God for that. It’s a super long trip. About 8hrs of flying total (one way – two layovers!).

Anchorage was great. But Steward was amazing. We drove about 2.5 hours south of Anchorage to a little town called Stewart (which is also a port). We saw a cruise line docking there, too. We had a great dinner (Alaskan Crab, baby!) and then we walked around and did a little window shopping.

Yeah, it was cold. My SO was definitely freezing… but we were loving it nonetheless.

The next day we took a cruise to see Portage Glacier, which was unreal! We were up close and personal with a glacier… who does that?! And then we did some sight seeing… saw a few bears, moose… and we even saw Rudolph. Okay, okay… it was just a reindeer.

It was also really interesting to sleep in Alaska during the month of June. It’s light 24 hours a day. So the shades were pulled at night, but the sunlight still seeped in. Not to mention, they are on AST time, which threw both of us a bit.

But, we had a blast, no doubt. Now that we’re back home… I’m thinking of where to take him next year. Yum. Life is good.

Just a little tid-bit of my life. I hope you enjoyed it.  If you ever consider a trip to Alaska – I’d love to give you the scoop on things to see – and places to go! So let me know!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, love.


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