One Solid Friendship Is All You Need

Have you ever had anyone that you could tell everything to? Speak the truth about anything – and they would never, ever judge? Someone you could trust with everything?

I’ve had many friends. Some closer than others… but I never had a friend that I felt I could trust with everything.

I always had great friends, but as I got older, I had a hard time getting close to anyone. I would keep them at arms length. Keeping all my secrets, all my truth – to myself.

So that’s how it was… friends with everyone, but best buds to no one.

While I was struggling in a relationship with my now ex-husband, I started searching for answers. Answers to life, purpose…  and during that time I met a great friend, one that soon showed me a path less traveled. A tough one. But a path of the unknown.

He showed me that I didn’t fit into that cookie cutter world. I wasn’t put on this earth to play house. Moreover, I had a bigger purpose. One that I soon discovered over a course of a year or so – with his help.

I learned more about myself through our conversations than ever before. He was a great friend. Someone who I could tell everything to. I wasn’t afraid to hold back. I knew I could tell him everything and anything and he wouldn’t judge me. He would simply be my friend.

He helped me find myself. The real Chelsea. The one that had been hiding out deep within myself for a very long time.

I eventually filed for divorce. I started on the path of discovery. My friend supporting me every step of the way.

I remember something – very significant – that he said to me. It still rings in my ear from time to time.

I was telling him that no one really “gets me”. And that I’m misunderstood.. and different. He told me that he’s slowing peeling back the layers of who I really am. And followed that statement with “Chelsea is a strong woman who needs a strong man, someone who she knows can take care of her, in every way. Someone who knows that she is just a girl, despite how tough she comes across. Someone who sees her for what she is… a woman who has spent her whole life taking care of everyone else, and who deep down, wants someone to take care of her, too. That’s what’s inside Chelsea Moser”.

Of course, this was also the first time ever that I was speechless. Someone pegged me, exactly. Someone who I could trust – and the first person ever who didn’t judge me.

Someone that “got it”. Someone that “got me”.

I remember that conversation like it was yesterday.

I don’t speak to him much anymore because we both are busy with our lives and our families… but he helped me through the roughest time – and I am forever grateful for him.

He was the one good friend that I could say anything to. Knowing that he understood. I never had to elaborate or explain things. He just got it.

I thought I was a hard case to crack. And to most people – I am. But to him, he understood every morsel of my being.

During that time, it was a safe place for me. A place where I could share all of my secrets, all of my feelings – knowing that they are safe with him. And he was able to do the same.

Thankful that I could be completely honest and open with someone. Comfortable enough to share everything and always knowing I had a real friend.

He gave me the strength I needed to press on. To see what’s possible. To conquer the unknown. To be honest and truthful to myself. To see the goodness that I am.

I know I’m very fortunate to have discovered such a great friend. And some never get to experience the feeling of sharing so much – knowing that you’re in a safe zone. But you’ll be surprised. That solid friendship may just be right around the corner.

You just never know.

If you were fortunate enough to experience this great sense of peace with a good friend — Comment here. I’d love to hear about it.


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One response to “One Solid Friendship Is All You Need

  1. Jan

    Thank you for this great story. We all are blessed to have friends like that. Keep it coming Chelsea

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