What You Focus On Expands

I often hear – “you’re a really happy person… a breath of fresh air”, which is then followed by… “especially for all that you’ve gone through in your life”.

It’s a great compliment. I’m glad my happiness and positivity rubs off on other people. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my days (I’m not perfect!). But it’s rare. I don’t have time to focus on the negativity in life – in anything.  There’s simply no time for it.

What you focus on expands.

The truth is that all the worrying  and negativity in the world is not going to change things.  It never does. So, you can keep watching the news, reading the newspaper, focusing on daily negativity… and listening to the doom and gloom. You can keep focusing on the problem and you’ll just make yourself  (and people around you) feel negative, too.


You can focus on what you can control. You can simply focus on the positive in things (glass half full). Spending anytime “down in the dumps” or worrying about things that are outside your circle of influence is counterproductive and a waste of time.

Now, more than ever, you must really focus your attention on what you can do to make things better. What you can do to make a positive impact in everything you do.

Get back to the basics.

Enjoy the good stuff.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to do what you really want to do. Ignore the past troubles and heartaches (even though they are a part of you, don’t focus on it – because what you focus on expands!). Open your mind to the possibility of making your life really good.

If it’s hard to focus on opening your mind to the possibility of making your “life” really good. Make each “day” really good. Small steps.

Sometimes we fall into that “black hole” that directs our attention to a really hard place. It’s tough. Trust me, I’ve been there and I know exactly what it’s like. But here’s what you do if you feel yourself falling slowing into that negativity, that hole…

Dance around it.

Notice it’s there, but don’t focus on it (what you focus on expands!). Just dance around it, creating a positive vibe that not only runs through your veins… but radiates off of you and on to other people in the most positive way.

There is no better time than right now to focus on the goodness in every day life. Don’t dwell on things that are out of your control. There’s no reason to. Look ahead and create that goodness. Focus on it.

Create a path of success, happiness and much love.

I would love to hear your feedback on how you create your happiness path each day. Maybe it’s something you do as a daily ritual that makes you really happy… despite hard things in life. Tell me about it. Comment here.

My happiness path is communicating with my family. If I miss a day, I feel it. My happiness is hearing my mom on the phone, catching up with my sisters, listening to my nieces and nephew giggle, hearing my grandma and grandpa talk to each other in the background as I wait for them to pass the phone.

And sometimes it’s not  just verbal communication. I love it when my boyfriend grabs my hand, gives me a soft kiss on my head, a look from across the room.

All of that makes me really happy. They all keep me grounded which points me in the right direction. They are my happiness. My positivity.

What’s yours? Comment here.


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