Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Anchorage… Oh My!

Lately I’ve been noticing something really interesting. In my travels, I have met so many unique individuals – amazingly talented people in their own right. And I am constantly being introduced to different cultures, different religions… different ways of life.

I’m definitely an observer. And a really good listener. So when I meet these totally authentic people, it exposes me to a different world. I listen to their stories, how they live, what they love, and what makes them flourish… what really makes them feel alive.

I love it.

And I realize that it’s making me who I am, too. I’m being introduced to so many amazing things – which is expanding my education, my experiences… ME. I slowly feel myself becoming such a seasoned individual when learning about others.

This last week I was with a very special client and his amazing team in Salt Lake City. I learned yoga for the first time ever AND I learned how to start a fire from scratch (no matches!). If I knew fire and yoga were this fun, I would have learned it along time ago!

So excited for my next trip – to Anchorage, Alaska. I wonder what I’ll learn there?  My brain is saying… Yum.

I’m evolving as a person by listening, observing… and introducing myself to new things and authentic people. I’m passionate about it. I’m passionate about life. Love. Love.



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2 responses to “Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Anchorage… Oh My!

  1. You are an absolute breath of fresh air Chelsea! Don’t ever stop sharing these slices of your life, okay?

  2. Corey W

    Fascinating! I LOVE it!

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