The Power of the Mastermind

Hi there! I’m writing to you from Los Angeles where I’m managing a mastermind group for two of my clients – Dave Dee and Alexis Neely. This group is amazing. Full of brilliant people who want to run their own businesses while impacting people, making a difference – and simply living a happy life.

I have to tell you, the power of this mastermind group is so beyond what you can imagine. Creativity and breakthroughs are bursting every hour. Truly. Amazing. Everyone in this room wants to feel like they are not alone – and to see the possibilities in their life and their business… along with finding their True Purpose through their work.

It makes me wonder how many people out there need to be in a mastermind group to breakthrough their creative thoughts and really take action and REALLY make things happen in a big way.

You can do all of that in a mastermind group. Just imagine 20 creative, driven business individuals that have energy through the roof – and their soul purpose here is to take an idea – turn it into a thriving business – and love their life.  And to learn that you have the power to design a business that you’ve been thinking about – and making it work for your life.

Mastermind groups make you think – and they help you make it possible. Some of the conversations are tough. Really tough. They all challenge you to think and sometimes you have to dig and push through the hard stuff to really breakthrough.

Some people here want to build businesses that are enjoyable, small and something they love. And then there are some that have the mission of building an empire. And some already have. A-freakin’-mazing.

How awesome is that range!  So good.

All 20 people here are being coached by Dave and Alexis – while coaching each other through ideas and thoughts – and then up-leveling their ideas and walking away with action.

Of course, the energy is INSANE. Something that I love. I thrive off of this.  My favorite part of these meetings – the relationships. The sweet, sweet relationships.

Yum. The Power of the Mastermind. The Power of Relationships.

All equaling true success – in life and in business.

Have you thought about joining a mastermind group? I would love to share my thoughts with you on how being a part of something bigger than you… could change your life.

Are you ready for it?


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