What does Marriage mean to you?

The definition of Marriage has always made me think.

At one time, I imagined it as a dream. Being married to your best friend – expressing to everyone my love for my husband. My commitment, dedication, love, trust, passion…

When I’m around my family, especially my grandparents, marriage is defined in such a beautiful way. It’s pure. It’s real. But when I think about it on a much deeper level, what is the real meaning behind marriage?

On one hand, the only difference between having a significant other and being married – is a piece of legal paper and a way to “show” people you’re together.

In reality – these days, you can have a companion for life and live exactly like you’re married… without the legal paperwork. You can be fully committed to someone for life, and that doesn’t mean you need a ring around your finger to express that, right?

These are some of the things I think about – and definitely don’t understand. So I asked.

I asked my twitter friends and here are a few responses:

And then I went to facebook… where I received more feedback from my dear family and friends:

My dear friend also wrote to me and explained what marriage meant to him:

“I grew up in a strong Christian family meaning marriage was and is something very special. First off you have to have trust. I don’t think there could every be that period where you don’t fully trust someone. Also coming from a christian home, their relationship with God is something that I look at as well. I think it is very difficult to raise children in a home where religious views are split. My parents have been married for 34 years this year and no doubt about it, it takes hard work from both sides of a marriage to make it work. While I’m not ready for marriage right now, I hope these ideals and examples in my life help me find the girl I will finally marry some day.”

So my question to you is… what does Marriage mean to you? Does it satisfy the human need for consistency, stability and routine? Does it mean nothing more than a piece of paper – that is unnecessary?

I will say – when you have children together (or plan to have children together), it makes the thought process more complex.

But regardless, what does it mean to you? Define it here.

Truly, think about it.


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