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Things that matter… things that don’t.

So many things became very clear for me this past weekend. Simply put: Things that matter… and things that don’t.

Let me explain.

When we get tied up in the day to day busyness of our life. The hustle and bustle of business and our checklist of things to do… you simply get “wrapped up” in things that don’t matter. Truly, at the end of the day, who the hell cares?!

As many of you know, people get old. That’s part of life. I hate it. But it’s true.

My grandparents have been a huge part of my life. I lost my father at a very young age – so… to a certain extent, they replaced him. And nowadays, if I think of it… my grandparents are the only thing I have left of my father. So, as you know, it may be a bit hard to let go of that. Of course, I have my amazing sisters and mother to continue to remind me about our father. But grams and gramps really bring it home for me.

My grandpa found out he had cancer.

A healthy, happy man. Cancer. Um. What?! No way, my grandpa? Nope. Not possible.

Wrong. It’s possible. Wow.

Where has the time gone. How did my grandparents get so old? Ill?

Things that matter, things that don’t.

I flew home to North Dakota… and I’m so thankful to be with my family during this time. My sisters and I were by his side (and grams) the whole time. He had major surgery. He seems to be recovering well. Still in the hospital, but he’s strong. He’s a fighter. He’s a North Dakotan. 😉

While visiting him in the hospital – simply being in the hospital – really puts things into perspective. It’s all about things that matter… and things that don’t.

… and that’s why I’m laying along side a Dora and Sponge Bob pillow. The kiddos sound asleep. Yep, I’m still in North Dakota.

Things that matter… things that don’t.

Maybe it was a combination of coming home to my roots, my grandparents getting old and wondering where the time went, hearing my nieces and nephew giggle… hearing them call for me, running towards me – yelling out my name… and filling me with love. The embrace, warmth and closeness from my sisters and mother, my boyfriend flying to North Dakota for the very first time so he could experience my family and be supportive, the feeling of being “home”…

Life. It’s sweet here. It’s grounded. It’s real. And many will tell you that North Dakota moves slow. They will say that there’s not much going on here. We’ll they are wrong.

People may live simple… but it’s real here. And it reminds me of things that matter… and things that don’t.

I am so blessed and thankful.

I know time isn’t on our side. I don’t want to leave this world with “why didn’t I?”. So be sure you think about…

Things that matter… and things that don’t.



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