Are you buying an iPad?

Hell, yes… I know I am (surprise, surprise, right?!). I’m definitely on the waiting list… and when I receive it, I’ll be sure to write my own review. But for now, check out this review done by Ben Patterson (a great guy to follow!). Stay tuned for my iPad write up… soon, baby, soon… I can’t wait! EEK!

The iPad arrives, and it’s basically a big iPhone
By Ben Patterson

The long wait is over, the rumors are over, and at last, the Apple tablet is a reality. Armed with a 9.7-inch display, just a half-inch thick, and weighing just a pound and a half, the iPad is … well, it’s essentially just a big iPhone, albeit with a price tag that’s a lot cheaper than I was expecting. Not bad, but if you were hoping for a revolutionary new product, prepare to be disappointed. To read the rest of Ben’s post, click here.

Thanks for the write up, Ben. Always love to hear your opinion (even when I don’t always agree, I still love it!).



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