I Can’t Help Myself…

I’m a lover of everything Apple.  And I will admit – I have over 200 apps on my iPhone. Gotta love it.

I’m a geek. I know… I know…

Check out this Mashable list of top iPhone Apps. While you read, I’m off to download the ones I don’t have. Oh! Be sure to follow Mashable on Twitter.  He is full of good stuff!

Enjoy it… I know I will! 😉


iPhone Apps List 2010: 700+ Apps Reviewed by Category
By Matt Silverman

As we begin 2010, there are over 100,000 iPhone apps available for download — an overwhelming array of choices, but plenty of gems if you know where to look.

To help you out, we’ve compiled all of Mashable’s (Mashable) iPhone app reviews in a definitive list to kick off the year. From social media, to business tools, to just plain cool, the iPhone does it best with these App Store standouts.

Put your downloading hat on — there’s a lot of awesome in our iPhone Apps List 2010!

Click here to read the whole article: http://mashable.com/2010/01/03/iphone-apps-2010/


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