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Everyone has a story… I’m still working on mine.

I am a women, whom, after 3 years of playing house is living, making and breaking my own rules (and not being sorry for it) and learning how to give fully without expecting anything in return.

I’m learning how to love, and to laugh, and to live fully through every person I meet, and every experience I encounter. I’m turning into me, leaving behind the girl that I never was and becoming the women I was meant to be.

Discovery is an amazing thing. Especially when you’re re-discovering yourself. I don’t think you ever really “discover who you are”. Because we all know that YOU change. Well, at the very least, I know I change. Man, I change my mind all the time. But my discovery evolves and I learn new things every day. It’s been interesting to say the least.

Right now I’m…

-My amazing family
-My schedule
-My business and being proud of what I’ve built on my own
-Traveling for business and finally making room for pleasure
-My boyfriend
-The Beach
-My iPhone and the way cool apps
-My guess jeans…
-The South
-My new office
-My book collection
-Turkey Ruben
-Frette Sheets (the ones on my bed… freaking amazing!)
-Riding on the back of a motorcycle
-Basketball and the way the ball feels in my hands
-Jungle Smoothies
-All of my tall boots and how I feel when I wear them
-Being healthy
-Reece’s Peanut Butter cups
-Corona Light with Limes
-Music in every way, always
-Feeling better than I’ve ever felt, sexier than I’ve ever been
-Not having a plan

-Music Videos
(Did I mention that TV is garbage? Blah!)

-Bringing down the house (How six M.I.T. students took Vegas for millions)
-The Next Evolution of Marketing
-Small Giants (again, for the 4th time)
-The Science of the Mind

-My family
-My dad and bros
-North Dakota
-Aquaman – the power and strength of what I felt, of what it was, and what it could have been
-The way it feels when I have my arms wrapped around my nieces and nephews
-Being on the beach when it’s super hot, tasting the salty water on my lips
-Friends that I’ve left behind
-No traffic in North Dakota
-Not having a plan


All of this… It’s all part of my story.  I’ve made my own story….mostly good, sometimes tough, but always a learning lesson.

This year I’m allowing my world to grow silent enough to hear my own whispering, silent enough to feel whole in the soft of my skin. This year I left my comfort zone.  This year I created my own boundaries. This year I feel sexy and better than ever. This year…

So, what’s your story?


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