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Learning to Live a Better Life by Embracing Change

I’ve been traveling a lot lately… east coast, west coast, midwest and everything in between.  So many people think traveling is a great life. Well, it is… you see a lot, you do a lot, you learn a lot – but it’s a lot of work living out of a suitcase – trust me! I’m blessed and totally thankful I have the opportunity, but I also love the way it feels to be home, too.

Traveling – for me – is time to think and reflect. When you’re trapped in a plane… there is only so many things you can do. I think, I analyze… I question. But lately, my traveling hasn’t been any of that. My thoughts have been focused on change.

I realized the need for change in my life… in so many ways.

A lot of change.

Decisions needed to be made in my life about so many BIG things… it was scary – no doubt. BUT thank God I embraced it. I just ran with it. All of it was and is completely out of my control and I’ve been riding it out and enjoying it. I’m not resisting any of it… I’m basically saying “hell, why not!”.

All of these decisions and changes were positive ones – nonetheless. I’ve changed my way of living on so many levels. My business is having a complete overhaul… and so is my personal life. Everything is changing and I’m learning to live my life embracing the change and learning that this is what living life is all about – change.

It’s all about growing, evolving… changing.

Find time to think about the changes that need to be made in your life. Don’t be afraid of them. Just know that change is so good… and you can lead a better life by embracing the change and going for it. If you’re unsure of something – and you’ve been questioning it for a long time – just know that you need to make a change. Enough of feeling unsure or having constant questions… change it. Run with it. Evolve and move to the next level.

I struggled with all the change at first – I resisted it. Now I embrace it. Stepping out of my comfort zone has never felt so good.


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