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90 Degrees in September?!

Ok, so I have to tell you… I’m loving Florida weather.  I LOVE being outdoors – especially when it’s really hot (hot!). In North Dakota – come September, it’s getting chilly out. Normally a light jacket is in reach and it’s beginning to look and smell like fall everywhere…

7022_147849713912_790813912_2433816_6464676_nBut Florida – now that’s a whole different ball game! I knew it was going to be quite an adjustment, but didn’t realize how much I’d love it! Today was all about the warm weather – people kayaking, surfing and everything in between. I loved it. I will definitely get used to wearing my suit and being in the water on a regular basis – through November!

I will admit – I’ll miss the North Dakota weather. The crisp nights, Halloween and seeing all the kids in their outfits OVER their snow suits, the snow man built outside each house, the smell of fireplaces, sports in the snow… the list goes on and on.

When I think of North Dakota in the winter – I instantly think of hot chocolate, scrabble, cards, and lots of  family time. I always remember being stuck in our house – very snowed in – for DAYS. We’d be out of school for days, stranded inside – play games and getting on each others nerves BIG time. But boy do those times make the best of memories. At the time, it probably wasn’t so fun and funny… spending all that time with family and not being able to leave because your car is buried under 4ft of snow. But now I look back on it and smile until my cheeks hurt! Those memories will forever be with me. Such wonderful stories to tell my kids someday.

But, I’m ready to make new memories in the hot weather – with the Gulf of Mexico right outside my door. I can totally handle that… a story in the making. I’m growing here, learning here… and working on the next chapter in my book.

All good. Truly Blessed. Thankful and loving it.


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