The end of what I thought was an unending chapter.

As many of you may know, I’m in the process of writing a book on my personal story about entrepreneurship and life as an entrepreneur. Today marked a completed chapter. It was a chapter that had no end for quite some time. I left it open for the past several months… hoping that one day I’d finish it – or maybe find that it was an unending chapter.

It’s been on my mind and partially written since March, but yet I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be one simple chapter or if it was a never ending chapter – and one that would weave in and out of all the chapters in my book.

I’ve had no problem finishing 9 chapters and this one marks the 10th – and the most important. I guess you could say it is (so far) the peak of the story I’m trying to convey. I decided to leave it as one simple yet complicated chapter, one that won’t open again, one that is over, and one that has prepared me for the future writing I’ll be doing.

It didn’t end the way I anticipated, but it ended with a lesson learned.

It’s funny how writing a book can make you look at things in a whole different perspective. I realize that when you’re writing about business and entrepreneurship – it ends up being a very personal book. Entrepreneurship has been in my life for a very long time. But entrepreneurship is also a very personal journey, too. They are closely related – both having happiness, love, struggles, heartache, and lessons learned.  All good, all hard, but all part of living life as an Entrepreneur.

I now know that there’s no such thing as an unending chapter. All chapters have endings… and I’m no exception to that rule.

Soon I’ll be sharing with you a sneak peak chapter of my book. I hope I have you wanting more… because there is so much more to it… so stay tuned.


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