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I’m a Floridian!

Last week I jumped on a plane and headed south – to Florida. My plan was to stay here for 7 days (a little work, a little play!). I had no idea this trip would be life changing.  Well, plans changed for me… I’m moving to Florida! Being here made me realize that I’m totally in my element, and I know this is where I should be for now.

IMAGE_900I don’t really have a  plan but I do know that I’ll be spending most of my time in Florida. I plan to make Florida my home for now. Whether this turns into a vacation beach house for me or my true home… I’ll be happy either way. Who knows what life holds – I just know that my plans changed… I’m going to be a Floridian.

And I must mention that the beach is about 30 seconds from my house. How cool is that!  So my new address is Santa Rosa Beach/Seagrove Beach… Google it. It’s perfect. Come visit sometime… I have an extra room!

IMAGE_893I just want to give a little shout out to my family… thank you for supporting me in this decision. I’ll miss you and North Dakota terribly – but you must come and visit. And the jet setter that I am… I’ll be home often. Love you guys.

… so I’m thinking ahead… my blog is going to have a slight title change. It’s going to be: “The North Dakotan… living in Florida!” Check back soon as I’ll be updating you on the move, my long drive to Florida and all the crazy stuff that’s bound to happen in between.

Now… off to the beach!



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Happy Mother’s Day… a tribute to my Mama!

IMAGE_670Gosh, where do I start! My mom is one of the most amazing and influential people you’ll ever meet – hands down. She is the reason for it all. She not only raised all of us to be the best we could be, but she has always been supportive, giving and loving in everything we’ve done.

She has taught us to be a strong independent women and to never give up on our dreams. She has taught us to stand on our own two feet and support ourselves. At an early age – she instilled in us the importance of working hard and never giving up.  She’s always pushing us to do better, only because she knows what we have to offer. She can read us like no one else (which is sometimes scary!).

She is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. She’s adored by all. She’s a giver and a lover. She’s happy, fun and full of life (even if you’re getting old, ma!). She is an incredible wife, mother, and grandmother.

Life hasn’t always been easy for her, but she’s a pro at making the best out of hard situations. She has taught us so much about life, love and everything in between. Her strength and support has reassured us that we can do or be anything.  She raised my sisters and I to be happy, confident, loving and successful women – but to never forget the simple things in life… the most important things.

IMAGE_509There are five things she consistently reminds us of: 1) At the end of the day family is all that matters. Family will always be there for you, regardless of the situation. 2) Be Happy. Enjoy your life and always know that you are blessed. 3) Love. All there is is love. Be love, give love and have love. 4) When times get tough, count your blessings and make the most of it because life is short. Enjoy it all, good or bad. 5) You deserve the very best. Take chances and follow your heart. Always.

My mom is our rock, our strength and our best friend. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You are the reason for it all. We love you!

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It’s awesome not everyone likes you because. . .

We all know at least one hardcore people pleaser. You know the signs: She sleeps in the rain and gets the flu so her friend’s dog can fit in the tent. She’s 100% republican but lied about her vote because the nation had Obama fever. If a friend calls her stupid, she whips up a batch of cookies, and makes a card that reads, “I’m sorry for disappointing you.” And despite all her over-the-top efforts to be liked by everyone, many people disrespect her. Maybe that’s you, maybe it’s not–but odds are, you can relate at least a little to the desire to be well-liked. Who doesn’t want to feel accepted, respected, and appreciated?

This isn’t a note about overcoming people-pleaser tendencies. This note won’t teach you how to make friends and avoid alienating people. If you generally do your best to learn and grow every day but occasionally stress about other people’s opinions then yes, this post is for you.

It’s awesome not everyone likes you because:

10. It allows you to be true to yourself.
The biggest disservice you can do yourself is shape-shifting to please your audience. It’s exhausting (even to watch) and, more importantly, pointless. No one will get to know who you really are, which will leave you feeling empty.

9. It gives you the power to say no.
I truly believe people are good at heart.  That being said, it’s human nature to test boundaries; and it happens all the time in relationships. When you’re willing to be disliked, you’re not afraid to say no as it suits you. Both your yeses and nos shape your future, so choose them wisely.

8. You’ll be more comfortable exploring your feelings. I know–this isn’t a popular one for the male persuasion. But doesn’t it feel good to just be where you are without pretending for someone else’s sake? I’m not saying you should act in anger or fear; just that it’s pretty empowering to say, “Hell yeah–I’m terrified” (or lonely or weak or struggling) regardless of what people will think.

7.  You can help other people. It’s often the least popular people who strike the deepest chord in us. Be unpopular when necessary and push people to be their best. You just may save someone’s life.

6. You can freely express your thoughts.
I’ve always said one of the kindest things you can do for someone else is to listen without forming an opinion. You deserve that same kindness, but the reality is you won’t always get it. People will form opinions when you speak. Talk anyways. Be kind in your words, but fearless.

5. It prepares you for great success. Pick one of your favorite popular Twitterers, be it a celebrity or social media guru (there are a ton). Go look at their @replies. Odds are they field their fair share of harsh comments. The higher you rise the more negative feedback you’ll receive, both constructive and unnecessary. Being disliked and OK with it prepares you for making it big.

4. It teaches you to offer kindness and compassion without expectations. It’s not too difficult to offer someone compassion when they’ve treated you with respect and kindness. What’s more valuable for your development as a person, and to mankind as whole, is the ability to do what’s right because it’s right–not because you’ll get something in return.

3. You’ll inspire other people.
There is someone I know who has the uncanny ability to keep going, even when others try to pull her down. I learn from her every day. Every person who doesn’t love her assertive, over-the-top personality is a reminder she is unique and not afraid.

2. You can use your time wisely.
If you’re liked by everyone, odds are you’re spreading yourself way too thin trying to keep them all happy. I disagree with people who say life is too short. Most of us have plenty of time. We just have to use it well, bettering ourselves and the lives of people around us instead of worrying about other people’s perceptions.

1. You can choose to smile anyways.
You could use your energy to make daily inventories of everything that’s wrong–the money you don’t have, the esteem you didn’t earn, the people you disappointed. Or you could commit to being your best, and then sit back and smile. Life will always be a balancing act. Learn to teeter in serenity.

As with most things I write, I wrote some of this for me. I often think it’s a reflection on myself when someone else doesn’t like me, but I’m learning to let that go. Do you take it personally when someone isn’t your biggest fan? Do you have anything to add to this list?

Credits: Lori Deschene,

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In the News: Best Day Foundation

bdf_logo_2color3I am thrilled to announce my affiliation with Best Day Foundation. Best Day contacted me about a month ago and asked if I was interested in lending a hand in their efforts. After learning more about their organization – it didn’t take me long to say YES! They are making this world a better place every day and I’m super excited to do whatever I can to help make a difference in the lives of special needs children through adventure activities (and boy am I excited for the water activities!).

pic_25_cp_dsc0170I’ve known Brooks Lambert (co-founder of Best Day) for many years. Actually going back to my days at One World Direct. He was a fantastic client of ours – and we all enjoyed working with him! He is truly an awesome person – personally AND in the business world. After talking with him – I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization that he was building. I’m now in charge of their Social Media efforts so be sure to follow us, friend us and join us by clicking on our social media profiles below.

What is Best Day Foundation all about?
The Best Day Foundation helps kids with special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow-tubing, and more. Please join us in creating special days for kids with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Pasly, Blindness, Cancer, Spinal Cord Injuries, and other physical and developmental challenges!

Best Day Foundation enables kids with special needs to build self-esteem and confidence through safe, fun, outdoor based based adventure activities which stretch their limits, expand their true potential, reinforce their achievment, and connect them with diverse populations in their community. Current activities include, Surfing, Body Boarding, Kayaking, and Snow Tubing.

We achieve this empowering communities accross the country to offer special days at the beach and snow to children with special needs. Best Day provides back-end services, support, training, and business resources to ensure that safe, self-sufficient programs are created. The program is funded through donations, grants and sponsorships. Due to funding, it is currently a 100% volunteer-run organization.

Best Day is a non-profit founded in March 2008 in Santa Cruz, CA by Max Montgomery and Brooks Lambert, two long-time Ride a Wave volunteers who wished to bring services like the award-winning Ride a Wave program to other communities.

Learn more about us, our Best Day at the Beach or Best Day in the Snow program or read our FAQ. If you’re interested in learning more – contact me:

We’re still in the process of building out our Social Media profiles, but feel free to keep tabs on us – just click the links below:

pic_11_best-day-nj-77-copyFacebook Page
Facebook Group
Facebook Cause

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events!  It’s going to be a BIG summer for Best Day Foundation so be sure to follow us through Social Media so you can be the first to hear about our exciting news as it happens!

Best wishes,


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