Spring has FINALLY sprung in North Dakota!

I woke up this morning to the neighbors mowing their lawn – and I was more excited to hear the sound of the lawn mower than it being a Sunday! I know it sounds weird… but I have good reasoning!

I have the doors and windows open, I hear the birds talking outside, I smell the aroma of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers coming from next door  – and all of this makes me incredibly happy. Only because all of this means that summer is right around the corner… so is fun in the sun and water, water, water! I’m really looking forward to spending some fabulous time out on the river, the lake, and anywhere in between!

I’m heading to Mexico with my sisters in one month, and I’m thrilled. But I’m also looking forward to coming back home and STAYING in my swimming suit and hitting the water on a regular basis – most likely, every weekend!

Another one of my favorite things to do in the summer time is to take my nieces and nephew out on the water – and to the water park. They have a blast and I will admit, I have just as much fun. Taking the walk all the way up the stairs so the kiddos can go down the biggest water slide, that’s the best.  We wait patiently in line, we get to the top, I hold them in my lap – and down we go. And then we do it… again, again and again. Gotta love it.

This summer is going to be full of some great events. Several trips planned as well.  It’s going to be so good and I’m certain to work hard – but I’m also going to enjoy every bit of it.

So, yes, spring has sprung in North Dakota – and this makes me REALLY, REALLY happy. I’m looking forward to my first few sunburns, flip flops and the feeling of being so drained at the end of the day because I spent the whole day outside in the sun!

Happy spring everyone – summer is right around the corner. Enjoy every moment of it… I know I will!  Maybe I’ll see you around… on a sandbar.


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