Hi guys!  I have some big news to share with you.  The site is now live… and we’re thrilled!

What does that means for you?

Have you ever wondered how you could give back – but just didn’t know what organization to use?  Or perhaps you didn’t trust that your gifts were arriving to the right people?

Well, no worries now! was established to create partnerships with local communities and varies different programs across the country.  We will use the web portal to collaborate and determine the best way to give back to those in need.  We all make the decision together.  Whether it’s a natural disaster, a third world country, or in your backyard – is there. Together we can make a difference.

Working together. Giving to those in need.  Join us!

“See” you on the web!

P.S. Are you wondering why I started a Non Profit Organization?  My answer:  Why not?  There are so many people less fortunate than you and me. They need our help and we need to step up and help those in need. It’s time to take action and make a difference.  Let’s get started!

P.S.S.  Are you on the fence about joining us?  Here’s a comment from one of the members:

She has the right idea

I have always known that I wanted to change the world, help people who were struggling, put a smile of a child’s face, give hope to someone who has lost it. But it is hard to know how to make that difference. It amazes me when people, like Chelsea Moser, think of ways to contribute – to make our world a better place. My hat goes off to the Chelsea Moser’s of the world! -Jessie Claymore, Proud Member

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One response to “Announcing

  1. Hi Chelsea,

    I was delighted to learn about your blog and I love what you’re doing to help others in this world. We can use, it seems, an almost unlimited amount of reaching out to others. The other day I heard a song called “Thank you for being a friend” and it made me think of how in helping others it’s like being a friend.

    So kudos to you. I love what you do.

    Have a fabulous day!


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