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I am Woman (Part 4)

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I am an athlete. I always have been.  I love to play sports.  I love the adrenaline rush, the competition, the team work –  it’s all great.  Whether it’s running, basketball, volleyball, golf or swimming – I love it all. I thrive in that atmosphere.  But there’s one thing I need to mention: I love watching sports – but I’m not a ‘sit and watch’ kind of gal. Give me the damn ball – I want to play!!

I am a sucker for hard work. Love it. Especially if it’s outside.  Like shoveling snow or raking leaves.  There’s something so wonderful about the fresh air and feeling every muscle in your body working.  Such a great feeling.

I am thriving at my busiest of times. I tend to produce great work when I’m really busy and under pressure.  Weird, I know.  But I seem to do some of my best work when I’m super busy and in an atmosphere of craziness.

I am afraid of funerals. There’s something to be said about ‘saying goodbye’ to someone for the last time.  I have a hard time with it, thus I avoid funerals if at all possible.  The only funerals I have attended are those of my close family. So if I happen to show up at a funeral – and I’m unrelated, you should know that it took a lot for me to go.

I am a dreamer. I love to dream. I love to imagine and play the story out in my head.  I guess you could say I have a huge imagination… always have and I’m sure I always will.

I am so thankful. Especially for my Family.  They keep me grounded and always make sure to remind me of where I came from.  Being with them reminds me that life is a beautiful thing and in the end – family is all that matters.  Hopefully I’ll have my own someday!

I am in love with early mornings. I have this huge window in my bedroom and I never seem to wake up to an alarm anymore.  I wake up to the sun coming up and the still of the morning. It’s quiet, beautiful, and lovely.  It’s the best way to start your day.

I am interested in people. I think people in general are so amazing. I love learning about someone.  Whether it’s on a plane or at a restaurant. I talk to everyone. I try and brighten their day if at all possible.  The people that work behind counters and deal with crabby, inappropriate people… those are the people I go out of my way for. I start a conversation with them and tell them I appreciate their help very much.  It always makes them smile!

I am calm. Very little drama with me. I seem to keep my cool almost always. I don’t get worked up very easily and I try and avoid drama where possible.  There’s very few things that upset me… and I think it has a lot to do with my outlook on life.  Why get worked up about little things.  It won’t change anything.  Just relax… take it in and deal with it on a higher level.

I am a work-a-holic. But only because I enjoy what I do.  When you enjoy what you do – it’s hard to put it down. I have a creative mind, thus it’s hard to turn my brain off when it comes to work and creativity (especially when you own your own business!) and I’m always thinking about how I can do this or that, etc. But I make it fun and enjoyable. Which makes for a happy person.

I am a big fan of no regrets. There’s no reason to hold on to things from your past.  No use what-so-ever.  You must realize that your past made you into who you are today. Deal with it. Figure out how you can make the most out of the cards you were dealt. And if you ever think you have it rough, or you’re challenged by the way things have worked out for you – you must realize that there are far worse things in life and you should be thankful.

I am thrilled for the future, but live in the moment. As humans it’s hard not to plan ahead and plan for the future. It’s hard not to think about what will happen next or what you should do in order to make things happen. That’s all wrong.  Live in the moment, enjoy everything around you. Realize that the future is not as important as what is surrounding you right now. Embody the energy of the moment, soak it in and simply enjoy!


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Only If We Could Slow It Down

Today I had a moment to go through all of the wonderful emails I’ve been receiving from my dedicated readers and I realized that so many people out there are not living the way they should.  Many of you said that because of my encouraging words you are now more confident in yourself and you are ready to live the life you’re meant to live.  And let me tell you – that makes me so happy!  But now you need to put it into action. Do it!

I think people want so much out of life – and they end up going a million miles an hour, just trying to get their life to ‘this point’ or ‘that point’.  But I want to tell you – you must slow down.  You must savor the bad and the good, you must enjoy it all.  It makes you the person you are meant to be.

Earlier this week I was spending some great time with my family: my sisters, my nieces and nephew.  I was thinking back to when the kids were really little. Actually, I still remember the day each one was born. And now I look at them and they are just growing like weeds!  Through them, I see how fast life goes by… and I only wish we could slow it down!

Thursday marked my Dad’s birthday and he’s been gone for 14 years now.  After counting how many years he’s been gone – I was a bit taken back by it.  I can’t believe that so many years have gone by – feels like just yesterday.  And it makes me realize again how fast life flies by… and I only wish we could slow it down!

I lost two brothers.  My dad’s birthday made me trigger a thought about how old they would be right now.  One would have been 32 this year, and the other would have been 26.  I only tell you this because you never know what tomorrow will bring; you never know how quickly life can end.  And I hope that everyone reading this would realize that life is so precious and you should be so thankful.

Life is truly amazing and fragile at the same time.  Don’t spend another minute doing something you don’t want to do.  You have one of the most beautiful opportunities – life.

I’m approaching my late 20’s and I’m realizing how many times I thought I couldn’t get through things or that life was just crawling by and I was hoping it would move along so I could get on with my life. But now… I only wish we could slow it down!

As I sit here and write this post, I finally realize that I’m where I’m supposed to be.  I have accepted what I cannot change and have gladly welcomed change that I didn’t expect.  And it’s made all the difference.

Everything around me is good and I’m going to take a deep breath and try to slow it down a bit… savor the little things, enjoy everything.

It’s time for all of us to live the life we are meant to live.  Sit back and think about the world around you.  Are there things that you’ve always wanted to do?  Places you’ve always wanted to travel to?  Do you have someone important in your life and you want to tell them you love them?

GO – do it.

There’s no better time than right now.  There’s no reason to wait. Don’t wait… because before you know it – it could be too late.

Seize The Day!

Enjoy the present – don’t worry about the future.  Live for the moment.  Make the most of today by achieving fulfillment in a philosophical or spiritual sense.

Slow down… enjoy the ride and simply just live.

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Are You On The Road Less Traveled?

Before I get started on this post I want to mention one thing.  I’ve been receiving such amazing comments from this blog and twitter about how my notes and posts are a daily inspiration for you.  I am so glad that I can reach out to you and help you get through whatever it is you’re dealing with, but most importantly I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Everyone, everywhere is dealing with something, fighting a battle, or simply just being challenged by one thing or another… but you need to remain true to yourself and realize that you too have a life that is amazing — truly amazing. But it takes a strong person to realize everything you have to offer.  YOU should live how you want to live – and never think that you belong to anyone but yourself.

Even though I’m not a selfish person, I know what makes me happy and I know what can fulfill my life – and it takes a lot of searching to get to that point… heck, I’m still working on it. But just be true to yourself and don’t settle. Never settle – it will get you nowhere.

Live your life – enjoy your life – be in control of you life.  And you’ll find true happiness through the toughest of storms.  Hang in there, hold on tight – this too shall pass and the most amazing sunset will be right in front of you.

Ok… on with my post.

I’m digging into my person thoughts for a moment…

It may sound a little cliche but 2009 was a start of many things for me. Most importantly I actually felt myself coming up on two roads that diverged, and I took the one less traveled by… and that has made all the difference.  I don’t know what it means and what the future is holding for me, but I know I was there and I had to choose. I couldn’t resist it anymore… I couldn’t stand there and not take either road – and simply settle. I knew I had to chose one and I did. And it has made all the difference.

If you haven’t been at a ‘crossroad’ in your life yet, you will.  It will happen to everyone – in different ways, on different levels. But when you get there – be sure you observe and know which one is less traveled.  And know that that’s the one you should take.

Have confidence in the truth, although you may not be able to comprehend it, although you may suppose its sweetness to be bitter, although you may shrink from it at first. Trust in the truth, have faith in the truth – and live it.  Meaning… deep down you know what you want; you know the truth in your heart.  Have confidence in that feeling and embody it.

Peace within each of us is not something you wish for – it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.

My mom always says – there are definitely worse things in life than what you’re going through right now. If you think your situation is complicated… look around you – you’ll find that it’s not complicated at all.  You’ll find that you need to be thankful and follow your dreams.

Until next time,


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Life Is What Happens

My sister shared this with me and I wanted to share it with you.  Sorry it’s been awhile!  I’m busy working up some great stuff. Stay tuned for more!  Until then… enjoy this!

rainThey say that life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.  One minute we know exactly where we’re going, then it’s as if some little gremlin has ripped up the road map, broken the compass, and made off with the spark plugs just for good measure.  When things get that crazy, it would be easy to say “whatever” and just sit down and suck it up.  But no matter how tempting that might be, we both know it’s not your style.  You have the imagination it takes to rethink your dream and the courage to set off again – whether it’s down a detour or a new road altogether.  The important thing is to keep going at your own pace, with rest stops whenever you need them and pauses now and then for scenic overlooks.

You’re on your way, even if it’s not perfectly clear just where you’re headed… relax, look around you, and enjoy the journey.  It’s part of who you’ll be when you get there.


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Food For Thought

Instead of asking yourself, “Why is everything so difficult for me?” ask, “Is it possible?”  The answer will always be “yes”, because all things are possible if you have the will to accomplish whatever it is that you desire.

Mistakes happen and misfortune strikes even the most cautious planners and the luckiest of gamblers.  I’m not going to tell you that the major missteps or growth opportunities of my life made me happy.  I have tasted the bitterness of disappointment time and again. However, I believe that each and every experience, good or bad, creates new and exciting opportunities.

There’s a lot to be said for taking pride in your life.  If you’re not proud or pleased with how things are, look up and picture a sign that says “Time to Move On.”

It’s a certainty that tomorrow and every day will have twenty-four hours.  What you choose to do with them is up to you.  Having a great life is a choice, having fun is a choice, taking charge of your life is a choice, being happy is a choice.  So why not choose now?  Choose to start living today!  Choose to make the most of every day.  Choose to discover and fulfill your life dreams.


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