Women Wish To Be Loved

I recently made a comment on twitter and facebook about why women wish to be loved and I received amazing feedback.  So I wanted to share the quote here along with some of the comments.  Be sure to comment on this post and share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.


Mark Cummuta
TriumphCIO @ChelseaMoser – I liked your thought on why women want to be loved; I’ll have to tell my wife, daughters and son (all for different reasons)
EricmaxdMaui @ChelseaMoser Honesty is best..laugh at this?http://tinyurl.com/cyeh2a Always B Ur self and wish often not just 3x Bprepared 2 live with it
Ali Pena
Nel Afonso
Tureann @ChelseaMoser It’s difficult to part myself from music. There is a tone that fits every situation. My life is full of music.
Wilf Barnes
Wilf_Barnes @ChelseaMoser re. “Women wish to be loved….” – Hey, men too! 😀
Walter Croft
walterhzownself @ChelseaMoser I am jotting down snippets of dialogue for a screenplay based around the very things you’ve captured in that tweet.
Jose Lise
cjlise @ChelseaMoser You mean Women wish to be loved without any objective reasons? That’s the gist of love Isn’t it?
michaelkocis @ChelseaMoser and love we do thanks for describing what it is
ClayFranklin @ChelseaMoser The secret to a long happy relationship. Guys pay attention, this is the best relationship tip I have seen on Twitter.
Joe Wild
David Damore
Admore @ChelseaMoser That is awesome. Added to favorites. Will keep it top of mind.
gina logan
PhilStratton @ChelseaMoser Ditto for men and respect. Both are the key to a good, long, and strong relationship.
Julie Craft
SlumberByJulie @ChelseaMoser Everyday I give women permission to think of their talents-n- gifts rather than their flaws! How treasured women can be!
Sherrie Koretke
YourTruthWithin @ChelseaMoser Wow. Beautifully said. I think that all the time but have never put into words like that.
Yayaa @ChelseaMoser What if I AM all those things you just mentioned? I’m just saying. this is why i’m single by the way.
John Yeng
johnyeng Hi Chelsea,long time no tweet,how have u been? About ur previous tweet on women,it also aplies 2 men as well 2 certain extent
briansiatkowski such an interesting person 🙂 Glad to now know you.

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One response to “Women Wish To Be Loved

  1. Of course women wish to be loved, but I think it is deeper than that. Women need to be loved. There is a reason that the men go out and slay buffalo while the women bear the children and somehow raise them while making sure the man comes back with the food.

    Weren’t things easier 20,000 years ago? We have the same bodies and brains as our ancestors, although we are healthier and bigger now, and live longer. Women nowdays have all the roles, responsibilities and issues as before and they now compete with men in in the workplace. Thank goodness women multitask better.

    I am not trying to raise a feminist argument here, but point out that we as humans live in a society that is totally foreign to our biological history and makeup.

    The needs and wants of women have been developed over the millenia. How we integrate them into today’s society is the challenge as things are so incredibly complicated now.

    Women want to be loved because it is they who hold the keys to the next generation. While as a population, women are infinitely more important than men (only takes one man to populate a large group, in theory), they still have to get the man to help in the process.

    This subliminal competition with other women creates havoc in many ways and opportunities in others.

    Wars have been fought over women. Ever heard of a war fought over men in the same context? This subject obviously is a lot deeper and broader in scope than a simple reply can do justice. I just wanted to put a litte more thought into it than “I agree”!

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