Just Roll With The Punches

I like to control situations and make the rules – which is not a good thing. I think we all need to realize that life is about rolling with the punches, not controlling them.  As I mentioned in a blog post awhile back called – Just let it happen.  Meaning life in general – just roll with it. Whatever it produces, just relax with it and roll on. Don’t control, analyze, or mess with – the situation.

I’ve said this so many times before – the beauty in life is watching it unfold.  It’s not so beautiful when you dig your hands into it and try and fold it yourself.

Seriously, it doesn’t work that way.

Whatever my life has in store for me, I’m ready for it. I’m ready to roll with whatever that may be.  It may be huge changes, heartache, excitement and everything in between, but I’m cool with that.  And you must get to the point in your life where you’ll… accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.  And time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, not control or analyze it.


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