Do You Want A Super Creative Splash Page?

I have been inundated with inquiries on how I came up with my splash page – and I can’t respond to each of you because there are so many inquiries.  But I’ll tell you how…

First, if you haven’t already – check out  There you’ll find my splash page and access to all of my work.

So how do you get a super creative splash page?

Contact my team at Solamar Marketing Agency by filling out a form here:

Let them know that you’re interested in a splash page like and they will hook you up with all the details.

I hope this answers your questions!  Be sure and comment on this blog post if it does not.  Or simply contact my team at

Be well,

P.S. I’m working on somthing big right now.  I can’t tell you much but I can tell you that it’s going to be amazing!  Stay tuned for more information.


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