Nice Gals Finish Last

I will admit – I’m WAY too nice.

I really need to gain an edge and be tougher at times… but I just don’t have it in me.  I tend to keep it all in and not outwardly show my tough side, thus my nice side is always shinning.

But at times I wish people would see me being a tough gal – maybe they’d have more respect for me.  And since I’m a nice person, people walk all over me, take advantage of me, hurt me…  because they know I won’t get mad at them.

I’ve always been one to try and impress people, make them like me, and very much a people pleaser… but I’m sick of it.  I know so many people that are nice and tough so why can’t I be that way too?  I know for a fact – people respect them way more and they definitely don’t take advantage of them.

As they say, nice guys/gals finish last… and all my life – I’ve finished last only because I’m too nice – to giving – to understanding.

It’s about time I stand up and and be tough.

Now… who’s with me?



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4 responses to “Nice Gals Finish Last

  1. Fantastic! You are such an amzing person and I know that you will get that fire that you need. It comes with maturity and the realization that only you have YOUR best interests at heart! XOXOXO

  2. Hi
    This is my first time reading your log. I was moved by your entry because like you I’ve always felt that I was too much of a nice guy and that for this reason people took advantage of me. I’m a bit older now, and wiser I hope, and I have realized that people took advantage of me not because I was a nice guy but because I let them take advantage of me.
    You see, I feel that there are people that don’t mean to be rude, rough, inconsiderate, or opportunistic, for one reason or another they just are what they are, just like you are a nice girl because you are a nice girl.
    What a nice person has to do when dealing with a less than considerate person is to learn to became assertive enough to say, No, Stop, What the f***.
    This is something that took me a few years to master but I eventually did. Now I still consider myself a nice guy, I’m just not a pushover anymore

    Just make up your mind not to allow people to push you around. It takes practice, it’ll come to you.

  3. I’m with you….now where do we start? 😉

  4. I hear that! Especially as I slowly progress from freelance work into a legit business, I too often don’t charge for services I have every right to charge for. Tough guys get paid more.

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