My Personal Itinerary For 2009 (aka 2009 Bucket List!)

Here’s my Personal Itinerary for 2009.  In no particular order:

Go to Hawaii & chill out.
See the Eagles perform Live. (Scheduled!)
Join Blogher ’09 in Chicago! (Scheduled!)
Have fun in Las Vegas. (Scheduled!)
See my Mom in AZ regularly. (Scheduled!)
Wear a swimsuit in the summer regularly!
Get Certified to Scuba Dive. (Scheduled!)
Go to a Yankees game. (Scheduled!)
Hang out in NYC for awhile.
Check out Washington DC & the history.
Stop in St. Louis & see friends.
Visit the fly PFLs in ATL & LA. (Scheduled!)
Go back to San Diego for inspiration.
Hit the blacktop for a road trip.
Meet up with FWPI in LA for a good time. (Scheduled!)
Go see the Vikes in pre-season.
Ski in Aspen.
Just Live in 2009.

I know this is a tall order, but in 2010 I hope to report back to ya’ll with details on how great 2009 was – especially for living life to its fullest.  I already have some of the above calendared – whoo hoo!

What does your personal itinerary look like?  Comment here or tweet on Twitter using Tag: #live09



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2 responses to “My Personal Itinerary For 2009 (aka 2009 Bucket List!)

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  2. This is great idea.
    A bucket list.
    Why didn’t I think of this before?
    I’ll be looking forward to your report.
    Time for me to create one as well.

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