I am Women (Part 3)

Part 3 is a continuation of Part 2 and Part 1.  Be sure to read Part 2 and 1 first, if you haven’t already.

I am a geek.
Yes, it’s true… I’m all things Geeky! Specifically anything that has to do with electronics or books.  I’m totally fine with being a geek, but I need to let the world know that I admit it!

I am a fighter. I tend to get defensive on everything. Even things I shouldn’t get defensive about.  I’m not certain why, but I’ve always been this way. I’ve always felt like I had to defend myself and everything I do – because I’ve had to fight to get where I am today.  I can certainly vouch for saying that nothing has come easy.  And I’m okay with that – as it’s made me a strong woman… but I’m still a fighter.  I do hope to tame that side of me though and take things less serious.  Too stressful.

I am strong. No, I don’t lift weights (but I do workout).  I’m not physically that strong, but mentally I am.  I am a strong woman and I can pull my own weight.

I am a blogger. I love to Blog.  Blogging is an out for me – and I’m able to blog about anything I want.  I think it really helps me personally to get things out there.  It’s a bit embarrassing at times, but what the heck, right?

I support gay rights. I have always thought that everyone deserves to make decisions on their own, and if they want to be with someone of the same sex – so be it.  They are still the same person – perhaps even a better person for being able to live the way they want.  Everyone should be treated equally and I don’t believe this makes anyone any different.

I am not a cook! Yep, that’s right – I don’t cook.  I know that I can cook if I want to, but I don’t want to.  And I don’t.  I would rather go out and have a nice dinner – or order in (which is my ultimate favorite).  I actually do like to bake… I make cookies, bread and cakes often – but no cooking for me.  I would go for cereal or pizza if I had to cook!

I am a .com lover. If I could, I’d marry ‘.com’.  I’m a freak when it comes to anything web.  I love apps and new websites.  I enjoy checking out other blogs, online banking, news, iTunes music, online shopping… and the list goes on.  Point blank:  I heart .com!

I am not truthful at times. Sometimes I respond to people by telling them what they want to hear – instead of my honest thoughts.  I do try and be truthful in so many ways – but sometimes I’d rather keep the peace by telling someone what they want to hear.  Even though I should be honest and tell them what I think – I’m just more comfortable stretching it a bit.  But overall – I am a honest person. 🙂

I am a Music Junkie.  I am crazy about tunes.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without music.  Music has pulled me through all different phases in my life and has really been a big hobby for me.  I could spend hours upon hours jamming out to music, shopping on iTunes, driving while listening to my favorite CDs, and browsing around at music stores.  I would say that .com and a music are neck in neck for the top spot on my list of favorite things!

I am hurting but I am healing. I think we all have been hurt through the years and I really don’t think we as humans ever get over things.  I think being hurt lingers – it just hurts more when you’re reminded.  But as you know, I’m strong… and I’m healing.  It gets better day by day – and I forget more and more – and I’m less reminded.  So it’s good.  It’s all good.


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