Twitter & Promoting Your Business

imagestwitterTwitter can be used in several different ways – all beneficial in my opinion.  Twitter is truly an amazing tool, but you need to understand how to use it correctly so you can position yourself and your business in a positive manor.

The number one way to utilize twitter – above all – would be to network.  Make friends, listen/help, and simply get to know your followers.  It’s really important that you start off my getting to know your followers first.


Wouldn’t you take offense to someone that is constantly selling you something and you don’t even know who that person is or what they do?  Wouldn’t you rather get to know them and build a relationship first – then listen to what they have to offer – second? I know I would.  I never give anyone a chance if they start selling me things right away.

Normally when tweeters approach it wrong, you don’t end up clicking through to their links that they are promoting because you don’t really trust them.  You don’t want to hear sell, sell, sell. Thus you lose followers and you will never grow your twitter base.

So take note – become friends with people first.  Promote your business and services second.  Trust me, it’s worth it if you do it right.  If you don’t use Twitter right, you’re never going to see the benefits it offers.

A couple of other things to take note of:

1) It’s really annoying when you setup an automatic follower DM – and your DM consists of a link to something you’re selling/promoting.  I only say this because you really should get to know the person first, then tell them more about your services later… after you build rapport with them.  Just start with a simple automatic DM that consists of “hey, looking forward to getting to know you”.

2) Don’t follow everyone and anyone just to get a high number of followers/following.  It’s not a race – find people you jive with and want to learn more about.  Make it interesting.

DO beef up your profile information.  Tweeters normally check out your profile details before following you.  Make it sound interesting – make them want to follow you.  Put as much info as you can!

DO link your Twitter account to Facebook – but only if you have very different groups.  For example, my facebook consists of mostly my high school and college friends, along with past and present colleagues.  While my Twitter account is filled with relationships I’ve built through Twitter.  Of course some people may overlap – and that’s okay.  But I doubt anyone would want to receive a Facebook post and a Twitter post of the same content.  So be sure you’re targeting two separate groups.  I am, so it’s all good. But if your groups are very similar – don’t connect your Twitter with Facebook.  It get’s annoying.

For all you tweeters… check out these Twitter Tools – they rock:


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  1. Great points Chelsea! I love networking on Twitter, I’ve tried tell other VA’s how it’s my fave networking tool, and so many just don’t get it – it’s all about taking time and building relationships so of course you don’t see the benefit immediately! Take care!

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