Today was a success!

As you know, the Solamar launch was today – and boy was it amazing!  It was even bigger than I thought. At one point we were having bandwidth issues because of all of the traffic – that’s so crazy!  It takes a lot to have bandwidth issues. I would say that’s a good and bad problem!

Another success was having over 150 people click through to my blog last night – within the first15 minutes of my last post talking about the Solamar relaunch.  Wow!  That’s awesome!

I just checked my open rates on my Solamar e-newsletter that went out today and I’m at 96%.  Yes, that’s amazing!

I haven’t checked my google analytics yet – and I don’t want to just yet.  I want to wait until later tonight and then take it all in at once.  Perhaps I’m just waiting to have one more joy tonight!

All of this is amazing, today was amazing. The whole point of today was to get the Solamar name out there and to have people become familiar with the name.  I didn’t necessary care about inquiries or sales, I simply cared more about the people stopping by to check it out. That makes me very happy to know that people did!

And it warmed my heart to know that my friends on twitter and facebook send me emails and tweets congratulating me and telling me how much they like the site.  I love you guys, thank you for your support!

Since this was such an amazing experience – I’m going to include a little ‘how to have a successful relaunch’ on BloomNow… for those other entrepreneurs that were on the fence about doing something like this. They must – period!  It was well worth it.

I appreciate everyone helping me out with this relaunch.  Thank you so much!

If you didn’t get a chance to take a look at the new Solamar site, be sure to check it out:

BTW: I’m now in the process of prepping my site – it’s getting a makeover too!  I’m turning it into a portal for everything I have going on… a Chelsea Moser splash page!  It’s going to be great!  It should be done by next Friday!  Stay tuned for that!


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