It’s time to STOP being so available!

For most of my working life I’ve made myself extremely accessible to everyone – especially those I work for and with.  And looking back on my experience with being totally accessible, I’ve realized that it was a huge mistake.

I am extremely hard on myself when it comes to my work.  Bottom line – I’m dedicated to the people I work for.  And I put my all in everything I do.  Always have, and always will be.  But I really need to learn to find a happy-medium area so I can have the best of both worlds – hard working, but full of live and living.

For so long I’ve made myself accessible and available for others – day or night. I’d do anything for anyone, regardless of how it affected my life – because I’m dedicated to being there for others – whether it’s a professional relationship or personal – I’d be accessible.

But now I’ve realized that being so ‘available’ to people has affected me in two different ways – one negative and one positive:

Negative: I’ve lost myself – as I’ve put everyone and every thing first.  I’ve been so involved with performing well and being the best at whatever I get asked to do that I’ve been so wrapped up in working my butt off… but I’m finally realizing that even though I may be working my butt off – some people will never realize how much dedication and hard work I put into my work.

Positive: From working my butt off and putting everything before me, I’ve learned SO much.  Much more than I would have learned by working a 9 to 5 job. So I’m thankful that all of this has been a learning experience and I can say I’m thankful for working 15 hour days in some circumstances…

All in all, I really need to find a good balance in my life. And I think it all starts with not being so accessible to people.  Learning when to say no, and when to simply live.  I can work my butt off all my life, but will it really get me anywhere?  I don’ think so.  It would give me a great reputation and show people that I’m a dedicated, hard worker… but it probably won’t matter when I’m standing in front of the pearly gates – dog tired because I’ve been working my butt off and haven’t been enjoying life.

I challenge each of you to quit being so accessible to people and learn to live more – life is definitely more precious than working your butt of all your life.  It’s going to be a challenge for me to figure all of this out – but I’m going to start living more.


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