For all the Bloomers

About a month ago I created Bloom Now – for all of the Thriving Entrepreneurs out there.  Bloom Now was created for anyone starting a business, struggling in a business, or blooming in a business.  It’s free support for every Entrepreneur.  It was built to ‘be there’ for those that love to share their experiences, help others out with questions, and simply SUPPORT one another.

I’m proud to announce that we’re 23 strong now.  23 wonderful members of Bloom Now – and I thank you for the support you’ve shown.  I know some of you haven’t said too much thus far, but I think it’s because you’re afraid… and you’re probably the one that falls into ‘starting a new business’ because I’m sure you just don’t know where to start.  But no worries – you’ll get the feel of everything and I’m sure you’ll start chattering away once something ‘speaks’ to you within the Bloom.

This post is not only for all of the Bloomers out there – but Bloomer want-a-be’s too.  And we want you… we need you in this free community.  We want your guidance, your support, your questions, your answers – or if it’s simply introducing yourself and your business – go for it!  We want you:

What are you waiting for?  Get to blooming and make a difference doing it!  Help another Entrepreneur out today!


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