I Wish I Knew…

Sometimes you make a decision – hoping it’s the right one… but deep down you just wish you knew what the right decision is.  A mentor of mine has always said – listen to yourself, listen to the universe.  The universe will never give you more than you can handle.  And I truly embody that and believe it, but…

I really want to move closer to the city – for many reasons.  To be closer to family, friends and an airport!  With my job it’s easy for me to relocate – because I work from home.  So I put my house up for sale and found a house closer to the city.

Today I placed an offer on the new house and it’s been accepted – contingent upon my current home selling.  I have until December 1st to sell my home.  If I don’t sell it, I lose the new house.  Or if someone else puts an offer in, I have 48 hours to come up with the money.

My heart is telling me that this is the right move and that it would be a good move for me.  I really truly think I’d be happier too.  But now I’m so scared that my current home won’t sell.  I’ve been saying a lot of prayers, but I just wish I knew…

Say a prayer for me.


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