I’m secretly in love with The Hills on MTV

I can’t believe I just admitted it, but I did. I secretly watch The Hills. For some reason, I’m extremely attracted to this show and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I yearn for the big city life, or maybe for that young puppy love we’ve all been through…

Some of my other secret loves would have to be most anything on channel E! – like Pam on the loose, Denise Richards and anything in between. It makes me wonder why a lot of us watch these types of shows. Why are we so attracted to the lives that people live (especially when their rich)? Is it because we want to live through them in our ‘secret’ life?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just go back in time (when we were 21) and run around without worrying about anything other than who’s talking smack about me, what I’m wearing, or possibly what club I’ll be at tonight, etc. Maybe that’s why we watch? I watch in annoyance, but I’m so addicted!

Do you dig these types of shows too – but wouldn’t normally admit it? I finally admit it (but try not to tell too many people – I’d be pretty embarrassed! LOL).


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