Me and Politics

Ok, so I will admit, prior to Obama – I really had no clue about politics.  AND I really didn’t care.  But like many, after the trials and tribulations our country has gone through (and listening to several speeches made by Obama), I realized that I needed to learn WAY more about politics and to try and be one of the many that want to make a difference.

So I set out – reading everything I could get my hands on relating to politics (all of Obamas great reads too).  I talked to my sister Jess a lot about it… asking her questions about the two parties (she’s democrat by the way).  I basically wanted someone to tell me where I should belong in politics.  Our family is basically made up of Republicans – and the first democrat to come out was my sister Jess… and boy did my grandparents turn their heads!  Truthfully, I looked up to my sister and thought, well I need to really figure this one out!

Turns out – I’m TOTALLY democrat!  After my research and constant questions to my big sis, I made a decision on my own and I’m DAMN proud of it.  I am a proud, proud democrat – I finally understand politics – and Obama ROCKS!

Vote Obama/Biden for change and peace!


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