It’s Labor Day — and I’m working?

Yes, it’s true.  I’m supposed to have the day off – but I can’t help myself… I must work if there are things to do.  It’s so easy to pick up your laptop and start working.  As I sit her and write this message, I have the news playing in the background – which reminds me… they are working too!  Is there really anyone in the US that actually takes Labor Day ‘off’?

Labor Day is defined as an observed holiday in the US and Canada in honor of working.

Interesting, isn’t it?

When I was growing up – our whole town shut down, my parents were home and we would just hang out – all day.  No work, no shopping, no nothing – just movies and homemade food.  Nowadays that’s long gone – and I’m 100% to blame – as are the rest of you that are working today.

All of this has made me realize one thing – I enjoy what I do.  Why else would I work on Labor Day?  Yes, it’s probably a habit to get work done on a Monday, and yes, it’s just easy to pick up my laptop… but really, I think it’s because I enjoy what I’d do.

I’d rather be working than sitting around doing nothing!  Because I love what I do!

So this goes out to all the peeps that love what they do — and the ones that are working right now!  Happy Labor Day everyone!  (And for those who are working and hate what they do – quit your job and start enjoying your life more – find something that you REALLY enjoy!)

Loving what you do will bring much peace to your life!


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