Just let me do what I do best

I am an experienced Marketing guru and also own my own Marketing company.  I have several long lasting clients that stay around – most of them letting me do what I do best… while others hire me and then don’t listen to anything I have to say about marketing.  They take the tools I provide to them and then change it to how they think it should be.  It’s so extremely frustrating because they HIRED me to do this – and to do what I do best within their company.  But yet, they aren’t following the lead I provide.  It just doesn’t make sense — why hire a consultant when you don’t let them use their expertise?  Trust me, consultants know what’s best for your company, that’s their profession (as long as you hire a good one).  And that’s why they retain several clients – it’s simply their niche.  So, please if anyone out there is interested in hiring a consultant for whatever reason.  Let them do what they do best, and hand the reigns over.  It will be most beneficial to you and your company if you just let them do their job.  This I promise.


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