How was your 4th of July?

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic time with friends, family, and good food!  I had a great time, spending it outside (got a nice sunburn out of the deal too)!  I will say that one of my favorite holidays is the 4th – only because it’s a time to be a proud American and to be thankful that we live in such a fantastic place.  However, it’s a very sad time for me as well – my father passed away 13 years ago (yes, it was the 4th of July).  So, it’s definitely a bittersweet holiday.  When I sit back and watch all of the fabulous fireworks in the sky, I seem to become overwhelmed with sadness – wishing that my family was whole again.  But maybe it’s a sign – a sign to live every day to its fullest and appreciate everything around you.  Maybe that’s the way my Dad wanted it to be – to rejoice on the 4th and be glad you’re in America!

I miss you Dad.


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